San Timoteo Canyon

The Riverside Land Conservancy (RLC) is working diligently in the San Timoteo Canyon/Badlands area of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties to preserve sensitive habitat lands and wildlife corridors.
In 1999, RLC set its sights upon San Timoteo Canyon as an area in immediate need of preservation. In partnership with San Timoteo Canyonlands Coalition, surrounding cities, Riverside County and numerous interested individuals, RLC succeeded in 2001 in having California State Parks designate San Timoteo Canyon as a new State Park unit. The Park is envisioned as encompassing approximately 10,000 acres when completed. Through the generosity of two landowners in the center of the canyon, Gale Anne Hurd and Ernest Clark Jr., almost 1,300 acres of land in the Canyon have been transferred to the new state park unit in 2002.
Since that beginning, RLC has partnered with the Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority (RCA) to bring over 2,100 acres into public ownership. RLC continues negotiations with other landowners in the Canyon to either donate or sell land to add to the new state park. Current discussions are underway with Riverside County Regional Park & Open Space District to create a county run facility.
The Riverside Land Conservancy received a substantial grant from Southern California Edison to prepare trail and restoration plans for the Canyon, helping to assure and enhance the area’s natural landscape and appropriate use of the region by the community. These planning efforts have resulted in a strong stakeholder group, committed to habitat enhancement and recreational use of the area.