Santa Clarita

RLC is working in the Santa Clarita region of Los Angeles County to connect two segments of the Angeles National Forest. The goals of the project include: to conserve a functioning wildlife corridor between two segments of the forest; to protect the biodiversity of the area; to create a green-belt buffer east of Santa Clarita City limits; to establish a continuous trail system with connections to public parks and the Pacific Crest Trail; and restoration of the Santa Clara River and the redevelopment of disturbed areas. The total project area encompasses approximately 26,000 acres.

 RLC was retained by the city of Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita Watershed and Recreation Conservation Authority (SCWRCA) to develop and implement a strategy for open space and wildlife corridor preservation. Strategy planning and pre-acquisition funding has come from the City of Santa Clarita, County of Los Angeles, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Vulcan Materials, MRCA and Rivers and Mountains Conservancy. RLC is currently concentrating on negotiations for purchase with landowners.